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DVD ISBN: 0-MAR-00001-0

Great local info covering when & what to fish. Popular, productive, & accessible rivers include: the Arkansas River; South Platte River; Colorado River; Gunnison River; Roaring Fork River; & Frying Pan River. Each river section is between 20 & 30 min. Includes 2 hr bonus DVD which covers Colorado-based companies that are vital to the fly fishing industry.

4 hours

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Fly Fishing Colorado's Major 6 DVD Marty Bartholomew $34.95 Add to Cart

More Information:
There are many rivers in Colorado you could call major, but I had to pick a few and go with them. Popularity, productivity, and accessibility were taken into consideration:

The Arkansas River
South Platte River
Colorado River
Gunnison River
Roaring Fork River
Frying Pan River were my picks.

You will find great local information for each of these rivers, basically when and what to fish, much like what you would find in my book, Fly Fisher's Guide to Colorado. We incorporated local talent like Bill Edrington on the Arkansas, Moose Hofer on the Gunnison, Roy Palm on the Frying Pan, to name a few. The fishing information and techniques, on the other hand, can be added to anyone's repertoire and improve your fly fishing success anywhere in the world.

I have always liked the visual aspect of learning this sport. I followed Gus around like a little puppy trying to learn this great sport 20 years ago and to this day I still enjoy watching him. I consider him one of the best fly anglers and now I watch him like a hawk to see if I have missed anything. I have been fortunate to have such a grand fishing partner. Now, I would like to pass along my knowledge to you.

Each river section in Fly Fishing Colorado's Major 6 is between 20 and 30 minutes so there is well over 2 hours of total footage. There are helpful hints and tips spread throughout. It will be hard to sit down and watch the whole thing at one time, so break it up into several sittings and devour as much of the information as you can. I know it will give you some ideas to take to the river and hook more trout. I have also thrown in a fly tying sequence for each river. I picked 6 flies that anyone should be able to tie and I am sure you find that they work as well for you as they do for me.

I have always tried to give my customers and clients as much value as I can, so this project will follow these same high standards. Jay Alipit (my producer, cameraman, and editor) and I have decided to put in a bonus 2 hour DVD which includes tours of some very important Colorado based companies that are vital to the fly fishing industry.

You will find out what it takes to have that fly rod in the back of your vehicle to fish with from Scott Fly Rod Company.
Anita Garcia took us through Ross Reels and showed us a step by step of how a reel is machined and finished for your angling enjoyment. Both of the companies are located in Montrose.

Dr. Tom Whiting of Whiting Farms Inc. showed us how his expertise in poultry engineering ahs literally changed the way we look and use fly tying feathers.

Colorado Fisheries is a company owned by Shannon Skelton, a long time friend of mine. He developed a company that rears several species of trout and macro-invertebrates. They specialize in stream rehabilitation and consultation. See their web site for a look into the real science of a trout stream. It great to see my friends become successful. Good job Shannon.

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