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Orvis Helios
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Orvis Helios

Your best is now 4x better with unprecedented accuracy
and the backbone to deliver when you need it most.
Designed and rigorously tested, the all-new Helios fly
rod is the go-everywhere, fish-anything option for anglers
demanding power and precision.

When compared to Helios 3, the previous
industry benchmark for accuracy:
- 4X more accurate
- 25% more durable in extreme breakage testing
- 10% lighter swing weight

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Description Line Length Pc. Price Availability
Orvis Helios F 864-4 4 WT 8' 6" 4 PC $1098.00 Add to Cart
Orvis Helios F 590-4 5 WT 9' 4 PC $1098.00 Add to Cart
Orvis Helios D 906-4 6 WT 9' 4 PC $1198.00 Add to Cart
Orvis Helios D 907-4 7 WT 9' 4 PC $1198.00 Out of Stock
Orvis Helios D 908-4 8 WT 9' 4 PC $1198.00 Out of Stock
Orvis Helios D 909-4 9 WT 9' 4 PC $1198.00 Out of Stock


The HELIOS D series offers increased line speed, lifting power, and a deep reserve of stored energy.

The HELIOS F series offers increased sensitivity,optimized for delicate presentations and tippet protection

The all-new 4th generation Helios is the culmination of a seven-year quest to achieve precision beyond all previous limits of your imagination. Proven four times more accurate than Helios 3, the previous standard-bearer.


The incredible new Helios is 4X more accurate than Helios 3 - the previous undisputed industry benchmark - and leaves all other competitors even farther behind. To achieve this quantum leap in accuracy, our designers had to solve for one of the main enemies of precision:tip displacement. When the energy of the forward cast is released, it can cause the rod tip to wobble around the horizontal and vertical axes - reducing the accuracy of the cast. The new Helios displays dramatically increased hoop strength and minimized vibration along the blank,leading to a radical reduction of tip displacement. The result is a precise, smooth energy transfer from your hand to the fly and laser-like precision.


ACCURACY CATCHES THE FISH, BUT DURABILITY CATCHES THE NEXT FISH. We analyzed decades of rod-building data and taper strategy to dramatically increase strength over Helios 3 in our ultimate breakage test

WITH MORE BEND AND BACK BONE,the all-new Helios is 25% stronger, far surpassing previous generations and the competition,pushing the boundaries of durability. That increased travel distance means more lifting power when a fish runs under the boat or thrashes at the net. Fight those last moments with confidence.


Over-engineered is an understatement For Orvis rod designers, "over-engineered" is no dig; it's a recognition that Helios performs far beyond the normal limits of a fly rod.

Our mission to raise the world standard for accuracy comes with a commitment that every performance characteristic and component of the all-new Helios exceeds expectations.

Less swing weight without compromise.

Swing weight isn't something measured on a scale, but the perceived weight in your hand during the cast. Thus a 10% reduction in levered swing weight equals a crisp and balanced feel with a smooth transfer of energy that is virtually effortless for all-day casting without fatigue. Even after long hours on the water, you'll feel sharp enough to target that difficult fish. The all-new Helios becomes an extension of your mind.

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