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Van Staal VF Series  Fly Reel
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Van Staal VF Series Fly Reel

One of the lightest and smoothest action, sealed drag and machined fly reels on the market. Available in two series:

3 LW models (3, 5 and 7 wt) which are designed for lighter duty species. More than enough drag for any freshwater species, featuring a large arbor and unbelievably light weight.

3 HD models (8, 10 and 12+ wts) Designed for "heavy duty" or saltwater applications. Enormous sealed drag, ultra rigid frame construction and ready for the toughest species

Originally $279 - $590
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Description Line Weight Diameter Capacity Color Price Availability
Van Staal VF-7-LW 5-8 WT 3.9 OZ 3.75" WF 7 + 180 Gunmetal $249.95 Add to Cart
Van Staal VF-10-HD 8-11 WT 8.2 OZ 4.15" WF 10 + 210 30# Silver $299.99 Out of Stock
Van Staal VF-12-HD 10-13 WT 9.2 OZ 4.42" WF 12 + 350 30# Silver $324.95 Add to Cart

Van Staal VF Series LW Reel Features : Designed for lighter duty fly fishing in fresh or salt water. Machined from barstock 6061-T aluminum, have sealed disk drags, are type 2 anodized a gunmetal grey finish. Incredibly light weight featuring one of the smoothest drag sets on the market.

Van Staal VF-3-LW SRP: $279

The perfect size reel for your favorite 2, 3, or 4 wt tout rod. Silky smooth sealed drag, machined from barstock 6061-T aluminum. A 3" large arbor arbor format that weighs in at under 3 OZ

Van Staal VF-5-LW SRP: $320

The perfect compliment for today's ultralight modern 4,5 and 6 wt rods this 3 OZ large arbor reel has everything a trout or bass angler needs. Feather light with incredibly smooth drag.

Van Staal VF-7-LW SRP: $376

Light enough to be 5 wt trout reel, but enough drag and line capacity to use as steelhead or lightweight bonefish reel. Perfect for your 6, 7 or 8 wt set up. Good for trout, bass, bonefish, redfish and any species one would pursue with a 6-8 wt rod in fresh and salt water.

Van Staal VF Series HD Reel Features : Designed for "Heavy Duty" fly fishing in fresh or salt water. Machined from barstock 6061-T aluminum featuring sealed stacked disk drags (30# of drag)and are type 2 anodized a silver finish. Their unique porting and machined drag housing create a very rigid structure that will not buckle under intense drag pressure. Oversized handle reduced fighting fatigue. These reels are designed to take on the strongest predators out there

Van Staal VF-8-HD SRP: $485 A 4" large arbor reel with a stacked disc drag tough enough to handle everything from king salmon to permit and bull redfish etc.

Van Staal VF-10-HD SRP: $535 Only marginally heavier than the VH-8-HD with a lot more capacity. The drag is rated up to 30 lbs and enough capacity to pursue larger species where more backing is required. ( Works great a spey reel as well) Perfect for permit, jacks, false abacore, tarpon etc

Van Staal VF-12-HD SRP: $590 A rigid powerhouse of a reel, with a powerful drag and capacity to spare. Designed for the pursuit of the largest predators out there such as bill fish, tarpon, jacks and trevally etc. Weighing in at just over 9 ounces, a lot of performance in a surprising light package

Customer Reviews

  • 6/29/2021 9:31:06 AM by CM

    VF-5-LW is a perfect balance for my Sage SP 590. Light weight, yet extremely durable. Drag is very intuitive and you are not limited to preset increments. Superior product.

  • 12/10/2021 7:36:46 AM by Seth Dolan

    I bought a 7LW and an 8HD from the guys here at ChiFly and they are absolutely incredible. The 7wt is so light it feels like it could be a 5wt but has enough drag. The 8wt is a powerhouse, nuff said. Thanks guys!

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