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Patagonia Stormfront Great Divider
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Patagonia Stormfront Great Divider
Style No. 48254

Flats skiffs, bay boats, drift boats and canoes. They all share two essential truths: Space is limited and gear gets wet. Hence, the Great Divider.

The ultimate modular storage bag for anglers, photographers and travelers, this water-resistant, nonsubmersible bag is padded and has sturdy sides, grab handles, a shoulder strap and adjustable internal dividers.

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Patagonia Stormfront Great Divider Drifter Grey $249.00 Add to Cart


* Durable nylon core with a TPU coating provides a water-resistant package
* Large main compartment protected with an oversized storm flap over the zipper has foam dividers with hook-and-loop attachments that can be arranged in any configuration
* Transparent floating interior panel on inside lid with zippered pockets on both sides
* Reinforced grab handles and adjustable, removable shoulder strap for easy carrying
* Side utility keepers provide easy attachment
* Exterior stash pocket for plane tickets or leaders and tippet
* 2,636 g (5 lbs 12.8 oz)

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