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Summer Haze Two Disc Set
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Summer Haze Two Disc Set

Robert Thompson's 3 1/2 hour set of midwestern goodness is finally here

From the Northwoods of Wisconsin to the urban enclaves of Michigan, Summer Haze showcases watersheds large and small, and those anglers that fish them. It's a celebration of long summer days, topwater eats and cold beer, and serves as a reminder that great fly fishing can sometimes happen where you least expect it.

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Summer Haze Two Disc Set $35.00 1-2 Weeks

For decades, warmwater fly fishing took a back seat to coldwater. Trout trumped warmwater species both in the pages of magazines and the bins of fly shops, and as a result many fly anglers missed out on some of the best fishing North America has to offer. That misguided era is now over, and anglers from California to Connecticut are better off for it. These are indeed the good old days of chasing bass, pike and muskie with a fly rod, and this film, Summer Haze, takes you on a tour of where it all began: the rivers and lakes of the Upper Midwest. Long considered ground zero for development of both the tackle and technique to catch these fish, the Midwest is now home to some of the best and most interesting warmwater fishing out there.

Summer Haze (teaser) from RT on Vimeo.

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