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Fishpond Boulder Briefcase
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Fishpond Boulder Briefcase - Free US Shipping available

An awesome brief case with that distinct Fishpond look and feel

* 10.10oz Certified Organic Cotton Waxed Canvas
* Nylon Cyclepond liner
* YKK main zippers and YKK Aquaguard water resistant exterior zipper
* Fishpond signature rope handle
* Fully padded interior laptop compartment fits 15" screen
* 10 efficient interior/exterior pockets for phone, files, tickets, accessories, etc.
* Converts to a fully functional backpack
* External "pass-through" channel allows for integration with carry-on luggage handle
* Adjustable, removable, padded shoulder strap

* 1,526 cu. in. - 17" x 3.5" x 12"

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Fishpond Boulder Briefcase Peat Moss $189.95 Add to Cart

We all know that the most important business is done on the water, but sometimes the boss calls you into the office anyway. Make sure when you arrive you don't have floatant smeared on your shirt, and for best impressions stroll into that "emergency" meeting with your Boulder Briefcase in hand. You'll appear organized, right up to the point you realize the only thing you packed were fly boxes. Not approved for the carrying of more than twenty such boxes, although they might actually fit.

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