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Scientific Anglers SharkWave Saltwater

Scientific Anglers SharkWave Saltwater

  • Reduced friction significantly increases casting distance
  • Designed to improve accuracy for precise presentations
  • Designed for a variety of saltwater scenarios
  • Small diameter cuts right through the wind
  • Compound taper turns over bulky flies
  • Braided multifilament core with low stiffness with SA ID -
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Description Line Color Price Availability
SharkWave Saltwater WF12F 12 WT Yellow/Turtlegrass/Horizon $59.95 Add to Cart

SharkWave Details: A descendent of the popular Sharkskin family of fly lines released in 2007, the all-new Scientific Anglers Sharkwave Fly Line continues with SA's tradition of product excellence and innovation as the world's first triple-textured, triple-colored fly line. The Sharkwave Fly Line combines the textured technology of both Scientific Angler's Sharkskin and the Mastery Textured Series to help anglers cast farther and gain more precision and accuracy in their fly presentations.

Reduced friction through the rod guides thanks to the running line of this textured fly line significantly increases casting distance. The Scientific Anglers Sharkwave Fly Line is ideal for multiple casting techniques including roll casting, mending, and long pick-ups and is designed to cast a variety of fly sizes and patterns. Engineered for cold-to-temperate water, the Sharkwave Fly Line is guaranteed to provide anglers with the ultimate friction-free fishing experience.

Special features of the one-of-a-kind Sharkwave Fly Line include:

* Sharkskin-like texture on the tip section
* Mastery Textured divots for the belly and running line
* Tactile reference point at where the head meets the running line
* SA ID line identification
* AST dry slick technology
* Improved dry tip technology
* Streamlined loops

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