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Umpqua - UPG Ultimate Trout Selection

Umpqua - UPG Ultimate Trout Selection - Free Domestic Shipping Available

UPG's Ultimate Trout Selection comes with 78 of the hottest trout flies from Umpqua's incredible collection of todays best trout flies.

A wide selection of attractor and match-the-hatch fly patterns designed by todays most creative fly tyers like Randall Kaufmann, Mike Mercer, Craig Matthews and John Barr. A complete selection of wet and dry flies from Umpqua's proven contract tyers!

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Description Size Price Availability
UPG Ultimate Trout Selection UPG Med Box $216.99 1-2 Weeks

Patterns in this Assortment Include: Kaufmann's Stimulator Yellow Size 12 (2)
Kaufmann's Stimulator Royal Size 14 (2)
Kaufmann's Stimulator Orange Size 14 (2)
Kaufmann's Stimulator Olive Size 16 (2)
Matthew's Caddis X Tan Size 16 (2)
Parachute Adams Size 16 & 18 ( 2 each size)
Royal Wulff Size 14 & 16 (2 each size)
Cutlers L/C Caddis Olive Size 16 (2)
Matthew's Sparkle Dun Sulphur Size 16 (2)
Matthew's Sparkle Dun Baetis Olive Size 16 (2)
Lawson's E-Z Caddis Olive Size 16 (2)
Parachute Blue Olive Size 18 (2)
Dave's Black Beetle Size 14 (2)
Dave's Hopper Size 10 (2)
Schroeder's Parachute Hopper Tan Size 10 (2)
Madam X Size 10 (2)
Turck's Tarantula Brown Size 8 (2)
Wolley Bugger Olive Size 8 (2)
GB Crystal Bugger Black Size 8 (2)
GB Prince Nymph Size 12 & 14 (2 each size)
GB Hare's Ear Size 16 (2)
Kaufmann's GB Stone Rubber Legs Black (2)
Barr's Copper John Size 16 & 18 (2)
Barr's Copper John Red Size 16 (2)
Mercer's Micro Mayfly Olive Size 16 (2)
Mercers Biot Epoxy Stone Gold Size 12 (2)
GB Squirrel Nymph Size 14 (2)
Mercer's Poxyback PMD Size 16 (2)
LaFontaine's Deep Sparkle Pupa Brown/Yellow Size 14 (2)
Mercer's Poxyback Baetis Size 18 (2)
Mercer's Z Wing Caddis Amber Size 14 (2)

This Ultimate Trout Fly Collection is pre-loaded into one of the award-winning UPG Medium Orange fly boxes - a $35 value by itself! These unique fly boxes feature slotted foam to easily secure and remove flies, water resistant seals, see-through lids for easy fly identification ,and easy one finger push-button opening allowing access to both sides individually.

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