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ChiFly Ltd Edition Shop Trucker

ChiFly Limited Edition Shop Tucker

We love these hats!!! Good things happen when you merge the Chicago flag and our favorite trout silhouette.

Limited edition - on a Simms Trucker Lid

Dark underbill

Colors are listed front row - left to right
Second row left to right

Scroll down for availability and story behind logo

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Description Color Price Availability
ChiFly Trucker Cap Dark Moon $24.95 Add to Cart
ChiFly Trucker Cap Hex Camo Carbon $24.95 Add to Cart
ChiFly Trucker Cap Simms Camo $24.95 Add to Cart
ChiFly Trucker Cap Pico Camo Mineral $24.95 Add to Cart
ChiFly Trucker Cap Black (solid black - not pictured) $24.95 Add to Cart

Just in case you are wondering- or if you are not from Chicago and didn't
know this flag existed - here is the low down on the Chicago Flag
(extra points if you get them all right)

The 4 Red stars :

- The First Red Star represents Fort Dearborn .
- The Second Red Star represents the Chicago Fire of October 8-10, 1871.
- The Third Red Star represents the World's Columbian Exposition of 1893.
- The Fourth Red Star represents the Century of Progress Exposition of 1933 .

The 3 White stripes:

- Top White Stripe represents the North side of the city. - Center White Stripe represents the West side of the city.
- Bottom White Stripe represents the South side of the city.

The 2 Blue stripes:

- Top Blue stripe represents Lake Michigan and the North Branch of the Chicago River.
- Bottom Blue stripe represents the South Branch of the Chicago River and the Great Canal.

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