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Hooked on Fly Tying with Chris Helm
ISBN: 1-932068-99-6

This excellent production makes the seemingly impossible task of spinning hair easy & covers many specialized techniques: color on one side, trimming, etc.

DVD; 60 min.

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Spinning Deer Hair with Chris Helm DVD Chris Helm $14.50 Add to Cart

* This DVD takes the mystery out of Spinning Deer Hair to help you create durable & effective spun deer hair flies.

* Learn deer hair techniques with expert fly tying instructor, Chris Helm.

* Pelt Parts -- tying flies with deer hair is becoming extremely popular & to do so successfully, you first need to know what hair comes from which part of the body and which flies it is best suited for.

* Tools - Learn which tools & hooks are crucial to success in tying with deer hair.

* Adding colors one side, then to another, installing fine little gills...all with deer hair!

* Stacking & Compacting - so your deer hair bodies are dense & look durable & solid.

* Installing eyes, so they stay.

* Rubber legs...who hasn't suffered through the agony of rubber legs on flies? Chris shows you 2 methods, both extremely effective.

* Trimming...learn how to get hose smooth symmetrically shaped bodies, every time.

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