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Rio Skagit Flight Head

Skagit Flight Shooting Heads are the very ultimate design in Skagit lines for maximum flight time, effortless casting strokes and the tightest and sweetest of loops. Loosly based on the extraordinarily successful AFS head, the line features a back end that loads rods deeply and easily and a long, subtle front taper that ensures the energy flows smoothly to the tip, generating gorgeous loops and long, long flight times and distance. The front end has a thick tip that packs a big punch and easily lifts out heavy tips and large flies with supreme ease.

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Description Line Length Color Price Availability
Rio Skagit Flight Head 725gr 725 grain 25' Pale Orange $39.95 Add to Cart

The heads vary in length between 22 ft and 31 ft, depending on the size, and the range of weights ensures that even the most fastidious of casters will be able to tune their rod to perfection.

Attach a shooting line to the ultra strong welded loop at the back end. We suggest using any of the following running lines: Rio Powerflex Shooting Lines or the SA Sharkskin Shooting Line or SA Freshwater Shooting Line

For tips And we suggest one of - RIO's Skagit MOW Tips - to the exceptionally neat, bullet proof front loop for the very best in performance. Anglers can also attach one of RIO's standard 15 ft sink tips, or level sections of T-8, T-11, T-14 or T-17 to the front as well.

Skagit Flight Head Length: 21-31 ft (6.4-9.5 m)
Sizes: 425 - 650gr
Color: Pale Orange

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