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Cautery High Temp Fine Tip

Cautery High Temp Fine Tip Tool

With a press of a button, the fine tip of this cautery tool turns red hot and allows the tyer to burn off tag ends, excess materials, clean out eyes of flies etc. USE WITH CARE!

Available in either the Disposable or the Changeable Battery & Tip versions

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Description Price Availability
Changeable Tip & Battery Cautery $34.75 Add to Cart
Disposable Cautery Tool $19.99 Add to Cart

***You must let the tip burn through whatever material you are burning - if you try to force the tip through before it has a chance to burn it, you might break the tip.

Customer Reviews

  • 2/10/2017 8:53:37 AM by Tom G

    Useful tool for some fly tying applications such as creating indents for eyes on Dalhberg Divers . I bought the disposable model and the battery lasted for a few dozen times at a few seconds each . Not very good value . If I were going to get another I'd get the replaceable tip/battery model ; but there are other ways to get the job done so I'll probably not get another .

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