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Zap A Gap

Zap A Gap

This is one of the most versatile glues ever invented and has thousands of uses for fly tyers and fishermen. Bonds anything, even oily surfaces, is water proof, incredibly strong and you only use it in very small amounts so no bulk is added. Comes in a durable dispenser which extends life of product.

Allows 7 to 10 seconds for positioning whatever you are gluing, and cures solid in 20 seconds.

.25 OZ Containers

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A few uses:

* Coating knots - both fly line/leader connection and various others
* Increase fly durability by applying at critical steps of the fly tying steps
* Apply to clousers over thread wrap at eyes for durability
* Attaching lead wire
* Securing lead/metal dumbell eyes to thread wraps so that they don't rotate
* Attaching doll/tape eyes to dumbell
* On stream repairs

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