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Water Shed

A permanent waterproofing liquid for flies, materials or whatever else you might desire.

To use Water Shed, simply add a drop to your flies, materials, lines, leaders, tippets ( or whatever).

Allow to dry 24 hours. Watershed is a pre-treatment and must be applied to dry materials or Watershed will not cure and waterproof properly.

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Water Shed Small Bottle $4.99 Add to Cart

* Water Shed is a permanent waterproofing agent for flies, materials, dubbing, feathers, yarns, leaders, braided loops and fly lines.
* Water Shed will not leave oil rings or residues of any kind on the water surface.
* Water Shed will not change colors or the texture of tying materials.
* Water Shed is completely ordorless and colorless.
* Floatability is not affected in any way by fish or weed slime.
* Can be applies directly or dabbed on with fingers. One drop is all that is needed to pre-treat your flies.
* Water Shed can also be used on deer hair to keep your bug floating higher and longer.
* When cured, Water Shed has a specific gravity lower than water and will make virtually any dry fly material float like a cork.

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