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SLF Dispenser P. Jorgensen Series 1 & 2

Wapsi SLF Dispenser P. Jorgensen Series 1 & 2

Great SLF blends brought to you by Wapsi and P Jorgensen. Bright salmon and steelhead colors that will allow you to tie great flies.

Series 1 Colors: Highlander, Peacock, Copper King, Magenta Flame, Fall Green Olive, Purple Haze, Electric Blue, Golden, Fiery Blood Red, Sunset Orange, Claret Black, Blue Horizon

Series 2 Colors: Purple Fiery Claret, Lemon Silver, Fire Orange, Fall Brown, Fiery Red Brown, Red Fiery Claret, Silver Salmon Pink, Fiery Golden Yellow, Silver Purple, Fl Fire Orange, Silver Gray, Jaffa Orange

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Description Color Price Availability
Jorgensen's SLF Dispenser Series 1 see above $16.95 1-2 Weeks
Jorgensen's SLF Dispenser Series 2 See Below $9.95 1-2 Weeks

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