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Richard Brautigan, Jim Harrison, and Thomas McGuane
UYA Films, June 2008

Colorful scenes of Key West from another era - with treasure hunters, smugglers, hippies & eccentrics - are background to stunning cinematography & tarpon fishing at its finest. The first of the modern fishing films, Tarpon was shot in the wild panorama of the 1970's Key West.

53 min.

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As they fly fish in the aquatic wilderness of the Florida Keys, anglers & authors capture the essence of the sport in words & dramatic film footage. Original music by Jimmy Buffet. With appearance by authors Richard Brautigan, Thomas McGuane & Jim Harrison.

The 1974 film "Tarpon," which was shot in Key West, Florida by UYA Films, has been a well guarded cult classic in fly-fishing's underground. You were the envy of your circle of friends, if you "owned" a bootleg copy or a buddy let you watch his. Now fans everywhere can leap and splash like a tarpon, because UYA Films has just released a fully-restored DVD of "Tarpon" commercially.

Besides including some of the only footage of Richard Brautigan, the cult 60s poet and novelist, "TARPON" also features commentary by legendary guides Woody Sexton, Steve Huff, and Gil Drake, as well as Page Brown, an ardent Keys conservationist.

The first of the modern fishing films, "Tarpon" features early guides and anglers as they fly fish for tarpon in the wilderness of the Florida Keys. The film captures the essence of the sport in dramatic footage and in the appearance and commentary of popular authors Thomas McGuane, Jim Harrison and Richard Brautigan. Colorful scenes of Key West from another era with treasure hunters, smugglers, hippies and eccentrics
Tom Brokaw recently said this about the film, "Tarpon" is a timeless and beautifully executed film about life, sport and culture. You'll be moved, amused, outraged and, most of all, entertained."

The film was born from a 1972 visit to the Florida Keys by filmmaker Christian Odasso and Guy de la Valdene, an avid angler who already had a few years of experience in fly fishing for Keys tarpon. Enraptured by the aesthetics and ethics of the catch-and-release fishing, Odasso paired with de la Valdene to co-direct the film. With a mostly French crew, the shoot took approximately seven weeks and the resulting film was edited in Paris. Saved by the filmmaker's daughter from a dripping barn in the Normandy countryside where it lay untouched for the last 35 years, the film was recently restored and digitized for DVD by Guy de la Valdene.

"This long-lost gem of a film has acquired cult status in the fly fishing world, and with good reason. It has the most breathtaking footage of the tarpon-stalking experience that you'll ever see. Like the fish itself, this is a work of art." - Carl Hiaasen, author.

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