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Ultra GSP (Gel Spun Thread)

Ultra GSP

Some of the best hair spinning thread available. Made from spun
polyethelene, it is supple and lays flat.

The 100 Denier has a breaking strength of approximately 8 lbs,
is very strong, thin and comes in great colors.

200 Denier is usually overkill with 16 lbs breaking strength- but we
offer it in white just in case you need it!

50 Yd Spools

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Description Color Size Price Availability
Ultra GSP Olive 100 Denier $3.99 Add to Cart
Ultra GSP Fl Chartreuse 100 Denier $3.99 1-2 Weeks
Ultra GSP White 100 Denier $3.99 Add to Cart
Ultra GSP Yellow 100 Denier $3.99 Add to Cart
Ultra GSP Red 100 $3.99 Add to Cart
Ultra GSP Black 100 Denier $3.99 Add to Cart
Ultra GSP White 200 Denier $3.99 Add to Cart

Customer Reviews

  • 2/17/2012 9:54:08 AM by Ben T

    If you are spinning deer hair you cant beat this stuff. It will NOT break. Its a little on the "slippery" side so it doesnt work as well on regular flies (as an alternative for regular flies I would suggest 3/0 thread)

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