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Lamson Litespeed G5 Reels

Lamson Litespeed G5 Reel - Free Domestic Shipping

The fifth generation of the legendary Litespeed boasts a higher retrieve rate and narrower spool for improved line handling. An integrated drag cassette for a stiffer frame. And an ergonomic drag knob. A new version of our Hard Alox provides a more beautiful finish. CNC machined in the U.S. from 6061 barstock aluminum and assembled in Boise, Idaho.

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Description Line Weight Diameter Width Capacity Price Availability
Lamson Litespeed G5 1.5 Reel 3-5 WT 3.72 OZ 3.38" .95" WF 4 + 100 YDS $249.99 Add to Cart
Lamson Litespeed G5 4 Reel 10-11 WT 8.06 OZ 4.63" 1.3" WF 10 + 300 YDS $309.99 Out of Stock

As with all the premium reels we sell, we can spool backing. Just make sure to choose right hand or left hand retrieve during the check out process and if interested in a line, click on the link below.

Want us to spool on a fly line? - See our fly line selection with taper charts

Very Light Weight: They are unbelievably light and balance well with the newer generation fly rods. This also translates to less casting fatigue.

Super Large Arbor: The large arbor helps you pick up line quicker and prevents line "memory".

Totally Sealed Drag: There is no such thing as partially sealed drag. If you have ever dropped your rod and reel into the water to take a quick picture, you know that sand, dirt, salt and debris quickly get into "partially sealed drags" resulting in disaster.

Durability: The new G5 finish resists corrosion better than any other reel out there.

Or as the folks at Lamson say:

Since Litespeed's inception in 1998 the relationship between it and Force reels has been a constant one. Inventive ideas that first take shape in the Force have been put to work in Litespeed's more conventional structure, which has over time resulted in one of the most successful and influential fly reels of the last two decades.

We've learned from history, and we're repeating it with the Generation 5 Litespeed. In 2016 we introduced design changes to the Force SL that resulted in engineering alchemy: A fly reel structure that is larger in diameter, stronger and yet lighter.

- By integrating the drag housing into the frame, the housing itself becomes a structural member, increasing stiffness and strength.
- Eliminating the cassette and the threaded overlaps reduces material and thus weight.
- The integrated housing is much narrower and the frame /drag unit much lighter.
- A narrower drag can support a narrower spool, which results in additional weight reduction.

But what if the reel we're talking about is already the lightest full drag reel in the world? Perhaps then, as a designer, you think about weight savings as money in the bank, and maybe you decide to spend it elsewhere ?by increasing the overall diameter of the reel and trading weight savings into improved retrieve rate.

Hence the new Litespeed: Higher retrieve rate, narrower spool for improved line handling, stiffer frame. Specific to Litespeed you'll find enhanced 3D milling for better material distribution and an improved ergonomic drag knob for better grip.

Lastly, the Gen 5 Litespeed comes clad in a revolutionary new coating called Micralox. New to fly fishing and only available on Waterworks-Lamson fly reels, Micralox is the ultimate in corrosion resistance.

We invite you to meet Litespeed G5. As something Yogi Berra might have said, it's like history repeating itself all over again.

Format: Large Arbor

Materials: Machined 6061 Aluminum, Stainless Steel

Finish: Micralox

US Made, Idaho Built

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