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Lippa4 Life -Special Blend

Special Blend Lippa4Life

Catch and Release doesn't mean much if the fish is scratched, dropped, and mishandled while you try to take the hook out of their lip - this is why Dillon at Rising invented the Lippa4Life. By using the lippa, one is able to control a fish by holding onto their lower jaw thereby making it easier to remove the hook.

The newly released Special Blend Lippa4Life has machine like tolerances that ensures a 1/8" gap with rounded edges that wont harm fish.

Comes with coil lanyard.

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Description Color Price Availability
Rising Composite Lippa 4 Life grey/black $42.00 1-2 Weeks

As Dilon, the inventor puts it:

So this baby will never rust, has larger range of motion, is unbreakable, and crazy light. Like its more expensive brother, this lippa has a 1/8" gap in the jaws and rounded corners in the jaw area to protect the fish. It differs in that it is injection molded "special blend" of glass and nylon.."

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